I am a Master Mason from Yorkshire; this blog is to document my journey in the Craft.

I Have a Date

That which I thought would never come, has come. I've had a successful ballot in the lodge I'm petitioning, and I have a date and time at which to present myself for initiation. Honestly, I can't remember a time I was more excited for something to happen; it was probably the birth of my children!

The Meetings

I've met with Brothers from a couple of different lodges in my area, all with different dynamics and selling points. One of them is spectacularly old, which was very appealing, but it just got pipped to the post by another, which is where I am hoping to be initiated in early 2021.

The Roughest of Ashlars: My Story So Far

I'm waiting; I've been waiting a while. Others I've interacted with online have been initiated, passed, and raised in the time it has taken me wait. This is not a bad thing, I think it makes it feel more special. It adds to the intrigue.