I Have a Date

That which I thought would never come, has come. I've had a successful ballot in the lodge I'm petitioning, and I have a date and time at which to present myself for initiation. Honestly, I can't remember a time I was more excited for something to happen; it was probably the birth of my children!

I had a catch up at my local Masonic Hall with the Worshipful Master and the Treasurer (also the Immediate Past Master) to discuss UGLE-mandated changes to the initiation in line with COVID-19 restrictions. I'm now spending the next couple of months praying that nothing happens to delay the end of these restrictions, so that I can have a "normal" initiation and proper festive board. Though I have been told that I can have first refusal on an Enactment, and I'll definitely get my toasts as soon as it's safe to do so. I'm happy with this. Someone has to be first back!

Now the difficult bit is remembering all the people I've spoken to on my Masonic journey so far that asked to come to my initiation, so that I can pass them the details of the Lodge Secretary.