The Roughest of Ashlars: My Story So Far

I'm waiting; I've been waiting a while. Others I've interacted with online have been initiated, passed, and raised in the time it has taken me wait. This is not a bad thing, I think it makes it feel more special. It adds to the intrigue.

I've always been interested in philosophy and esotericism, and during my research into such subjects Freemasonry came up often. I wasn't immediately bitten with the bug, but there was always something in the back of my mind that Freemasonry made its home. I started looking at Freemasonry specifically when I was researching Gnosticism, and found a source in The Hiram Key. I'm aware of the polarising nature of the theories contained in this book, but it rekindled my interest in Masonic secrets and masonry in general.

My introduction

There are a lot of lodges in my city, and finding the right one would surely be difficult. I spoke with some people involved generally in the Freemasonry scene, who pointed me at a few lodges that matched what I said I was interested in. This was in April 2019, and it's now nearly August 2020.

Things move slow in Freemasonry; everyone I've spoken to has warned me of this, but I'm so eager that it's really frustrating (and a global pandemic stopping all meetings doesn't help things).

I intend to write about my journey in much more detail as it progresses, and also fill in a lot of gaps about me. I'm not disclosing my identity, nor am I hiding it. If you're desperate you can very easily find out who I am, but for the purposes of my writings here, it's not necessary.

I'll also be tweeting shorter-form at @hesamason.